Festival Maribor
Rotovški trg 1
2000 Maribor
T: 02 228 1257

W: www.festivalmaribor.si
E: office[at]festivalmaribor.si


For visitors, thirsty of a rich and exciting musical experience, Maribor is easily accesible as it is the intersection of multiple traffic routes. You can visit it by different means of transport:


By car

It only takes about an hour to reach Maribor from Ljubljana, or a half an hour from the border with Austria.


You can also rent a car:

W: www.avantcar.si
T: 01 589 08 50


By plane

From the the 1th of May you can fly directly to Maribor. A round-trip between Maribor and the German economic centre Düsseldorf is now available for only 99 €. Regular flight schedules are as follows.


W: www.maribor-airport.si/en
T: 02 629 17 90



Maribor – Düsseldorf: 9.15–10.45

Düsseldorf – Maribor 11.45–13.15



Maribor – Düsseldorf: 12.45–14.15

Düsseldorf – Maribor: 15.15–16.45


Also check Ljubljana airport

W: www.lju-airport.si/en

By train
W: www.slo-zeleznice.si/en
T: 1999


By bus
W: www.marprom.si/en
T: 080 11 16





Rent a bike

W: maribor-pohorje.si