Mozart's Magic Flute

Monday, 12 September 2016
Union Hall at 5.00 pm



Mozart's Magic Flute


The Classic Buskers‘ classical music arrangements come with a warning: without the boring bits! The Magic Flute is a brand new show created by the inventive Classic Buskers and magician Neil Henry, based (somewhat loosely) on Mozart’s timeless masterpiece Die Zauberflöte. This inventive rendition of Mozart's singspiel will bring out more of its fun and magical side. The show includes seemingly impossible tricks and illusions conjured up by award -winning magician Neil Henry.
Flutes and panpipes (lots of them) will be blown by the virtuosic flautist Michael Copley and the piano accordion will be squeezed by the charismatic and talented Ian Moore. The two musicians be doing what they do best: performing with lots of visual jokes, audience participation – creating a new musical experience and for some, a painless introduction to the delights of classical music.
The Show includes the famous Birdcatcher’s Song, »Das Klinget So Herrlich« with an orchestra of bells made up of children from the audience. You will also hear the famous Queen of the Night aria in a version guaranteed never to be forgotten!