The reed quintet Calefax consists of a unique combination of wind instruments. Oboist Oliver Boekhoorn, clarinettist Ivar Berix, saxophonist Raaf Hekkema, bass clarinettist Jelte Althuis and bassoonist Alban Wesly breathe new life into classical chamber music with their own arrangements, which include a modern perspective with the influence of popular music genres. Next to that, approximately two hundred original works have by now been written especially for Calefax by composers from all over the world. During their many travels and collaborations, they have drawn influences from world music, jazz and improvisation.

The ensemble publishes sheet music of their own arrangements for reed quintet under the name Calefax Edition, thus playing a pioneering role in putting this new genre on the map. Calefax encourages the creation of new reed quintets and the group functions as an inspiring laboratory for musicians and composers alike. It does so, for example, during their annual PAN festival; a musical feast where the musicians of Calefax act both as hosts and performers. The festival ensures a motley selection of music adventures, unexpected excursions into other art forms and a composition competition. 

Calefax has to date released 17 CDs, under the renowned German record label MDG and their own label RIOJA Records. The ensemble has won many important Dutch music awards. In 2012, Calefax was also awarded the German Junge Ohren Preis for the family music show The Music Factory. 


Fairy Tales, matinée

Fairy Tales