Music Workshops for Children

Instrument presentation and creative workshop
Monday, 12 September – Friday, 16 September 2016
Vetrinj Mansion at 10.00 am


Monday, 12 September: Guitar, Harp and Ballet
Workshop led by Anja Pirjevec, Dalibor Bernatović, Helena Valerija Krieger, Jure Vočanec in collaboration with students.

Tuesday, 13 September: Woodwind (recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone)
Workshop led by Simona Vake, Sebastijan Petrič Grajfoner, Nija Androjna in collaboration with students.

Wednesday, 14 September: Brass and Percussion
Workshop led by Nejc Merc, Tajana Novak in collaboration with students.

Thursday, 15 September: Piano, Accordion and Organ
Workshop led by vodijo Darja Zorko, Matej Podstenšek, Borut Mori, Marjetka Minič, Matjaž Balažic in collaboration with students.

Friday, 16 September: Singing and Strings
Workshop led by Biserka Petković, Tina Bohak, Vesna Čobal Marta, Martina Praljak in collaboration with students.


Led by excellent musicians and teachers from the Maribor Conservatory of Music and Ballet and their pupils, this two-part workshop offers children the opportunity to learn about different types of musical instruments: percussion, accordion and more. The short, concise and entertaining presentation will be followed by a session where children will be able to make instruments themselves, allowing them the chance to get to know them up close.

Intended for First Graders.

A coproduction with the Maribor Conservatory for Music and Ballet and in cooperation with the Institute MARS, Maribor.